Study in Norway?

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Norway scholarships is awarded by The Norway-America Association to American students studying in Norway. Norway Scholarships range between $1500-$5000.
Wesley cross-country skiing at Svalbard

The Norway-America Association (NORAM) is a non-profit organization that since 1919 has helped Norwegian students to study in North-America, and American students to study in Norway through scholarships. NORAM awards approximately five scholarships for American students who will attend graduate school or do PhD research in Norway. Maybe you will be on the next plane to Norway?

Our organization administrate and award scholarships from our own funds We also work with organizations in the United States to help students gain experience between the two countries. Since 1919, NORAM has awarded around 5000 scholarships to Norwegian and American students. Norway Scholarships

Check our website for information regarding the scholarships and information about our organization.

Study in Norway?

Check out Study in Norway website for information about school, programs and admission for international students to Norway.
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