NORAM 1919-2019

Since 1919, the Norway-America Association has awarded scholarships to Norwegian and American students looking to study outside of their respective countries, and in doing so have fostered bonds of learning and understanding that stretch across the Atlantic Ocean and hold us together in past, present, and future.

Throughout 100 years we have awarded more than 5500 scholarships, and in our centennial year we have launched the NORAM Alumni Network.

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100 years of academic exchange

As NORAM celebrates its 100th anniversary, Flatin has donated his time and creativity to the organization to write about its century-long history. While the book tells NORAM’s story, it also describes the broader context in which NORAM was created and developed.

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A JOURNEY THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION is the history of academic exchange between a small country in the north of Europe and the United States of America. For the past century students from Norway have traveled across the Atlantic to American colleges and universities, earning degrees in fields ranging from physics and chemistry to economics and library science. Kjetil Flatin explains how developments within higher education in the U.S. attracted increasing numbers of Norwegians and how their American experience, in turn, brought about change in Norway’s
educational system.

The history of Norwegian-American student exchange plays out against a background of tumultuous and dramatic societal change, the rise of a global superpower and a new Norway. In this book, we see how Norwegian curiosity and ambition and American resourcefulness and generosity have created strong, long-lasting bonds.


Two organizations, the American-Scandinavian Foundation, established in 1911, and the Norway-America Association, founded in 1919, played a decisive role in shaping attitudes regarding academic exchange and in facilitating opportunities for students from Scandinavia and America. Flatin chronicles the history of these organizations and brings to light the importance of the collaboration they encouraged and nurtured.

Written for the general public, A Journey through Higher Education is richly illustrated and contains a wealth of information. This is a book for anyone interested in history and education and the exciting possibilities of cultural exchange.


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