5 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About Studying in Norway

1.- It’s Free

You read that right. With student debt at an all time high in the US, this might seem too good to be true, but Norway is one of few European countries that offers a university education with ​no tuition fees​ to non-EU citizens.


2.- It’s in English

Having to learn a foreign language might seem like a huge barrier to studying in a different country, but Norwegian universities offer ​entire Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in English. Norway is an international country, and programs like these bring in students from all over the world to study together.


3.- It’s Beautiful

Ok, you probably already knew that one. But it can’t go unmentioned that Norway has some of the most ​stunning scenery on the planet​. No matter where you live in the country you’re never far from breathtaking views of nature.


4.- It’s a $100 Round Trip Flight Away from Almost Anywhere in Europe

Americans are used to chalking up a hefty sum to get overseas, but what’s often overlooked is that once in Europe,​ airfare is quite affordable​. Discount airlines sell round-trip tickets for less than some stateside airports charge for parking. Some even offer student discounts!


5.- Scholarships are Available

As if free tuition wasn’t enough to peak anyone’s interest, there are also scholarships available specifically for Americans to study in Norway. Several different organizations offer these grants, ​you can read more about NORAM’s here.

Written by: Matt Gibson