The America-Norway Heritage Award goes to Frances Haugen

At a seminar at Stortinget Thursday March 31, Frances Haugen, best known as the Facebook whistleblower, received the America-Norway Heritage Award.

The purpose of the Award is to honor Americans of Norwegian descent who have made significant contributions to American culture, enabling them to visit Norway to share the result of their work – via lectures, exhibitions, or performances – with the people of Norway.

Haugen, who has family ties to Larvik, received the award in recognition of her efforts to expose the dangerous practices of Facebook, and its impact on young users in particular. In doing so, she has shown great courage and taken a personal risk. Haugens testimonies, have contributed to a long overdue debate about the infrastructure of our democracies and the role of Big Tech.  She has made us aware that Facebook, the largest social media site with more than two billion users every month, is putting its own interests first rather than the public’s interest. Haugen has called for regulations and a need to hold the companies accountable.

The Heritage-foundation was established in 1985 by the Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Society, Minneapolis, with a grant to The Norsemen’s Federation (Nordmanns-Forbundet) and The Norway-America Association. Since 2019, it has been part of the Norway-America Foundation.  The prize was last awarded in 2008.

Dag Tørvold, NORAM board member, presented the Heritage-award to Frances Haugen on behalf of NORAM.