NORAM Administration and boards

Who works for NORAM?


Hanne K. Aaberg – General Secretary
Phonenumber: 23 35 71 60
Director of Scholarship Programs & Communications
Phone number: 23 35 71 60
The Norway-America Association is a small organization which makes a big difference for many students. In order for us to do our job efficiently and with high quality, we are dependent on our board members. They sacrifice a lot of time and effort for our organization, and we are grateful for all their help. 

Board of NORAM

The board of the Norway-America Association is composed by representatives form private sector as well as academia.

Peder Løvenskiold, Board leader
Helmer Aslaksen, Member
Knut Brakstad, Member
Ingrid Margrete Hillestad, Member
Eirik Løkke, Member
Håvard Sandvik, Member
Dag Tørvold, Member
Ingrid Helsingen Warner, Member

NORAM’s Scholarship Committee

NORAM’s Scholarship Committee reads and evaluates all applications for graduate/research scholarships, Alf and Bergljot Kolflat Award, and the scholarships for Americans students coming to Norway. The committee consists of people within a wide academic community in Norway and with a connection to the United States.

Helmer Aslaksen, Chairman
Marit Bakke, Member
Julie Christiansen, Member
Eivind Hovig, Member
Øystein Noreng, Member
Hilde Restad, Member
Reidun Sirevåg, Member
Magnar Ødegård, Member

Norge-Amerika Stiftelsen’s board

In 2014, 11 foundations that have been entrusted to NORAM’s care, merged to one foundation the Norge-Amerika Stiftelsen. The purpose of each of the scholarships are addressed in the new foundation.

Peder Løvenskiold, Chairman
Halgrim Thon, Board member
Benedicte Agerup, Board Member
Hanne K. Aaberg, Board member