An American in Oslo – Week 5

The Fifth Week and Beyond Here’s a fun thing I learned today: through some strange, mathematical coincidence -40 degrees is the same in Fahrenheit and Celsius. So the statement “There’s -40 degree wind-chill waiting for you back in Minnesota” requires no conversion on the numbers front; anyone can hear it, understand it, and die a... Read more »

An American in Oslo – Week 4

The Fourth Week The busyness of the weekend bled into Week Four as well, and most of the St. Olaf students spent Sunday grilling hotdogs and s’mores at Sognsvann, which is a lake near Oslo where people go to ski or walk around. It was a lovely place to talk and eat for a few... Read more »

An American in Oslo – Week 3

The Third Week On Monday, January 14th, our professor returned to Minnesota and we continued with both our internships and exploration of Norwegian culture via self-supervised classes and activities. The former mostly involved rearranging and updating the NORAM website. I worked on filling up the English version of the site with equivalent pages to those... Read more »

An American in Oslo – Week 2

The Second Week Monday of Week Two marked the start of our internships – a milestone I was exceedingly nervous about until around 15 minutes after I walked through the door and realized that everyone was nice and very knowledgeable and passionate about their work. As each student’s hours needed to total at least 90... Read more »

An American in Oslo – Week 1

Hello. My name is Elizabeth Stang and welcome to my account of what it’s like to be an American studying in Norway. I am a Norwegian major and Film Studies concentrator currently taking NORW296 through St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN – a program which involves around a dozen students, including yours truly, interning at... Read more »

5 Norwegian Universities with Programs in English

Thinking about studying in Norway but can’t speak the language? Don’t worry! There are plenty of universities all across Norway that offer both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in English – here are a few of them: 1.- Norwegian University of Life Sciences Boasting beautiful nature and a short trip to Oslo, NMBU offers both Bachelor’s... Read more »

5 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About Studying in Norway

1.- It’s Free You read that right. With student debt at an all time high in the US, this might seem too good to be true, but Norway is one of few European countries that offers a university education with ​no tuition fees​ to non-EU citizens.   2.- It’s in English Having to learn a... Read more »

NORAM is Looking for an Intern for Spring 2019

The Norway-America Association (NORAM) is a non-profit organization founded in 1919 that works to strengthen the bonds between Norway and North America through higher education. Since its inception, NORAM has awarded more than 5000 scholarships and worked with many high-profile Norwegians to achieve their academic dreams. Our goal is to provide sufficient funds for both... Read more »

EducationUSA Fair – Oslo

Join us for the first ever EducationUSA Fair in Norway on November 17th, 2018! This fantastic event should not be missed, as we will be showcasing what American college really is to Norwegian students, and we want to give students the best possible opportunity to find their perfect fit. To make all of this happen,... Read more »