NORAM 100-year Celebration

ISS picture.Photo of: Mantas Grigaliunas, UiO

On June 17th, 2019, the Norway-America Association will be celebrating its 100-year anniversary with music, food, and general festivities – all provided by our organization and the many people it has helped throughout the years. NORAM’s long, fascinating history will be on full display during this event with the release of a book chronicling a century’s worth of growth, change, and unwavering commitment to strengthening cultural ties between Norway and the United States. Since 1919, we have awarded scholarships to Norwegian and American students looking to study outside of their respective countries, and in doing so have fostered bonds of learning and understanding that stretch across the Atlantic Ocean and hold us together in past, present, and future.

Join us for our centennial celebration on the evening of June 17th in Oslo! Special guests will include notable NORAM-alumni and refreshments will be provided.

The celebration will take place at the following address:

Akershus Festning

0150 Oslo


If you are interested in attending or have questions concerning the festivities, get in contact with NORAM:


Phone: +47 23 35 71 60