The Norway-America Association (NORAM) is a scholarship organization that help Norwegian and American students by administrating and awarding scholarships for education. Since 1919, NORAM have awarded more than 5000 scholarships for bachelor, master, PhD, post-doc, continuing education, teachers courses and many other students and others.

Scholarships that NORAM awards, are donated to the organization as a form of endowments and scholarships. We also administrate and receive applications on behalf of several other organizations, such as American-Scandinavian Foundation and Thanks to Scandinavia.

To apply for a scholarship, please read the instructions and information for each scholarship carefully.

Can you apply?

For American citizens interested in studying in Norway, NORAM has scholarships for graduate or PhD students, please see here Graduate studies and PhD research.

Universities and institutions interested in having a Norwegian or Swedish lecturer visiting for six months can also apply for a grant from American Scandinavian Foundation. Please see here for more information: Visiting Lectureship

NORAM does not have scholarships for bachelor students, or any other nationalities than Americans or Norwegians.