Partner Schools

Interested in becoming one of our partner schools?

NORAM works with universities to make American education accessible and affordable to Norwegian students.

The main competitor is naturally Norwegian universities, which are easy and free to apply to, and free to attend. That is why we allow students to apply for our partner schools for free, with one application.

The purpose of the partnerships is to ensure that there are good schools in the U.S. that Norwegian students can afford to attend without acquiring a big loan from Lånekassen (the State Educational Loan Fund). We aim to make the whole application process easier for students. We therefore offer our own NORAM application form, which allows students to apply for free to three of our partner schools with one application.

Most of our partner schools:

  • Waive the application fee
  • Waive the TOEFL and SAT/ACT requirements as long as students have the grade 4 or higher from Videregående (high school). The average TOEFL score in Norway is 93.
  • Most schools offer sophomore standing so students can finish on time as they would at a Norwegian university.
  • Award a scholarship
  • Allow students to apply with the NORAM application form.

TOEFL, SAT and ACT tests are offered at few places and few times per year in Norway and are for many students difficult to take (they might have to fly and stay at hotels in order to take the tests), which is why we ask universities to waive these requirements.

Our NORAM undergraduate application includes the NORAM application form, signed and stamped copies of all transcripts and diplomas in English and Norwegian, preliminary statement of financial support from Lånekassen, passport copy, and letters of recommendations from two teachers. Students also submit a personal statement and a university preference list as part of the NORAM application form.

The process is that the student sends all forms to NORAM and we make sure that the forms are valid and complete. Then, we send the documents to the schools.

We promote our partner schools at education fairs and school visits around Norway and through posts and information on our social media, websites, marketing material, and office advising visits.

As the only EducationUSA advising center in Norway, we are in contact with many students, and we work to find the right fit for the student based on the school environment, academic concentrations, and campus life.

NORAM is not an agent, so we cannot guarantee any number of students to our partner schools.

For more information about recruiting students in Norway, visit our EducationUSA website.

To become a partner school, we ask for a membership fee of NOK 6000 (about $655) to help support our activities in promoting education opportunities between the U.S., Canada, and Norway. Contact if interested!