Why study in Norway?

Norway has long been regarded as one of the world’s most forward-thinking nations in terms of human rights, ecological preservation and global compromise. The country has been, and continues to be, a progressive force in gender equality with one of the smallest pay gaps and most balanced workplaces of any nation on Earth. The country is consistently ranked at or near the top of the World Happiness index — boasting a high quality of life thanks in great part to the population’s access to universal healthcare. Norway has also been a consistent and passionate advocate of environmental conservation, with initiatives to limit its carbon footprint through recycling and the popularization of electric and hybrid cars. Beyond its own borders, Norway has also worked to promote the spread of peace and progress across the globe through its part in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize – in addition to numerous other diplomatic efforts.

For American students looking to explore issues of gender, environment, and/or global politics, Norway provides opportunities for continued research and involvement in these areas. Those interested in world history and languages will find the nation’s cultural and linguistic history similarly rich and conducive to further study. Anyone who enjoys winter sports —particularly ski-jumping, cross-country skiing, and biathlon — need not be reminded of Norway’s consistent success with these events on the world stage, and any athlete looking to improve their craft in these disciplines would most certainly find Norway a rigorous and rewarding training ground.

Whatever your interest, a decision to study in Norway is an avenue to greater understanding and new experiences. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship to attend a Norwegian university or college at a graduate or undergraduate level, contact the Norway-America Association (NORAM) at info@noram.no. More information about the application process and available scholarships can be found here.